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Are you AND your Practice protected from potential pediatric injury, child death, lawsuits, poor publicity, bankruptcy, and possibly jail?

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From uncertainty to confidence – transform how your Pediatric Dental Team successfully handles any pediatric medical crisis.
“None of the workshops I have ever had, or trainings I've done in the past 15 years, teaches this.”

- Dr. Zev Tendler, DDS
Pediatric Dentist

What we do...

We Prepare Your Team for THIS moment

We are a unique combination of experts in…

  • Pediatric Anesthesiology
  • Pediatric Dental Sedation
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Emergency Para-Medical Services (911 EMS)
  • Medical Simulation
  • Functional Design
  • and Beyond!

….who are focused on improving the safety of pediatric patients undergoing dentistry through our ongoing development of “Practice-Changing” services, tools, and resources.

Join Leading Pediatric Dental Practices learning from our experts to perform your best when you and your team are needed the most.
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Love for...

Blue Pacific Medical Simulation

Dr Wayne Turk

We were really surprised to see how little we knew initially about handling an emergency, although we thought we were very good. But this [workshop] really reduced our start time to act. It made everybody in our office feel really super comfortable handling any emergency.

– Dr. Wayne Turk, Pediatric Dentist

Dr Kathleen Lambert

I wish we had booked the whole day as opposed to just a half day! We will certainly have they back in the office because we want to be prepared for anything that happens.

– Dr. Kathleen Lambert, Orthodontist


Our staff was really excited to do it. Coming out of this I think that we've improved tremendously. I would love to have him come back! And I would certainly suggest this to anybody moving forward in a dental office, just to keep themselves on top of how to prepare and how to manage emergencies.

– Dr. Ann Lambert, Pediatric Dentist

Dr Gabriel Hershman

Initially, I expressed hesitation at taking the time off from our clinical practice to spend with the simulation team. It's clear to me that this was time well spent! [This workshop] allowed us to be prepared to deliver a significantly higher level of care in time of need.

– Dr. Gabriel Hershman, Oral Surgeon