Richard Marn as a Kid

My Story

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

I had finished medical school. I was in a surgery internship, and was on track to be a surgeon. Specifically, a urologist.

I had dreamt of being a surgeon since I was in 5th grade. It was something I had written in my middle-school journal, my bio for a 6th grade class project, and would tell everyone I was going to be as such. I told my family and friends I would be one. I told my grandmother I would be one.

But, once in surgery internship….I didn’t like surgery. Once I was living it, it just didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t like the lifestyle, the attitudes, and brazenness.

I then started questioning my role in medicine, and if medicine was even right for me.

All those years of planning, strategizing, studying, test-taking,
and interviewing….was it all for naught?

I was really, really lost. 

I feel I let everyone down. I feel I let myself down. But I also felt I duped myself, that I was being an imposter.

This was 2001.

A friend recommended anesthesiology residency. So, I took that first step.

As an anesthesiology resident, I excelled.

During my pediatric anesthesia rotation, I felt the tug.

As a pediatric anesthesiology fellow, I blossomed.

As a Board-Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist in a major NYC academic hospital, I taught, lectured, earned awards, led, and created.

But, there was something more that was tugging at me.

There’s got to be something more I could do, right?

I knew I could impact people on an even more personable and immediate level.

Boom!! I have finally found it.

Through coaching, meditation, time, and….well, just listening to my wife!…..I discovered that I could combine

  1. 1
    my unique clinical skills,
  2. 2
    my leadership qualities in bringing teams together, and...
  3. 3
    my ability to take complex problems and keep iterating until it is near-perfect.

The End Result: creating industry-changing methods and systems that protect dental and oral surgery Practices, their patients, and their families.

That is the core of New York Medical Anesthesia and Blue Pacific Medical Simulation.

This is how we are hoping to have a pronounced ripple effect on our community and our planet.

I found my mission. It took a few years and detours.

But, I am now here. Right where I need to be. Where others can reliably depend upon me, and where I can truly help.

Who is Dr. Richard Marn?

  • Dual Board-Certified Anesthesiologist AND Pediatric Anesthesiologist
  • The Only Board-Certified Physician Pediatric Anesthesiologist in all of NY and NJ specializing in in-office pediatric dental and oral surgery sedation (New York Medical Anesthesia)
  • Founder of Blue Pacific Medical Simulation, an innovative education company, providing the only crisis team training for dental and oral surgery teams caring for children. Click here to learn more.
  • Crisis Educator and Trainer for Harvard Hospital faculty and staff, through a unique relationship with Center for Medical Simulation (CMS), the world’s leader for healthcare simulation training.
  • And… Laser-focused on being the best at what dentists, oral surgeons, and patients want:
Protecting You, Your Practice, Your staff, and Your Patients