“In-Your-Office” Medical Emergency Simulation Training

for Pediatric Dental and Oral Surgery Practices

How prepared is your team for a real life-threatening medical emergency in your office?

Using the same advanced simulation methods developed in world-class hospitals, we come to your offices and train you and your team how to respond to medical emergencies (both for non-sedation as well as sedation cases.)

Our in-office, team-oriented, interactive, all-hands-on-deck workshop session trains you and your staff in the latest “crisis resource management” methods, tools and best practices used by top hospitals.

And we tailor-fit the curriculum to your pediatric dental or oral surgery practice.

Real Benefits Tangible Results

Real Benefits, Tangible Results…

  • Train your team using advanced simulation methods to increase competence, confidence and create a “You got this!” attitude
  • Recognize and effectively manage the most common medical emergencies in a dental and oral surgery practice
  • Empower your team to make better decisions in the moment
  • Decrease the risk of malpractice claims
  • Create an emergency plan for your dental practice
  • Learn the essential components of your emergency kit and where to get them

How we do it….The Details

Why work with us? What makes us unique?


1. We come to you

We train your whole team in how to become a high-performance team (HPT), in the very location where the emergency will occur….in your office. No need to travel and take your whole team with you. Ultimately, we help your whole team feel more confident and competent in managing a medical emergency in your office.


2. State-of-the-Art medical education and training that can save lives

Our tools and training have been tested and vetted at the best hospitals in the world, like the Harvard Hospitals in Boston. No one before has taken these powerful tools, techniques and training from the best hospitals and introduced them to the dental community, until now. This approach, when practiced and implemented consistently and regularly can significantly increase the probability your team will save the life of your patient, a visiting grandmother, a fellow team-member, and the life of your dental practice’s future.

State of the Art


3. Tailored for your practice and team

For the first time ever we are taking what works during medical emergencies in the best hospitals and tailoring it to your pediatric dental and oral surgery team.


4. A true team building activity

We believe our approach helps build high-performance dental and oral surgery teams to be more confident and competent during high stake events like sedation (and non-sedation) medical emergencies in your dental practice. By doing so, we help to create a strong sense of staff empowerment, engagement, and growth, which enhances your team’s work culture.


5. Save you money

The tools and techniques we use have been shown to reduce malpractice claims and potentially reduce employee turnover. This, of course, can help save you and your practice time and money, and reduce your stress.


6. Exclusive relationship with the international leader in medical simulation education

Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) is a Boston-based non-profit organization founded by Harvard Hospital faculty in 1990’s. They are the Bentley of medical simulation education. Healthcare educators from around the world come to CMS to learn from them. Much of our in-office workshop curriculum has been designed in collaboration with CMS. We have formed a collaborative and exclusive relationship with CMS so that we are continually improving and learning. This allows us to bring you the most cutting edge educational ideas and tools used in the best healthcare systems in the world.

Dr Richard Marn- visiting instructor at CMS, teaching Harvard Hospital Faculty, 2022

Everybody in my office was so impressed and so excited that they had this training program

Wayne Turk, DMD Pediatric Dentist

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