It was fabulous…We had a great time! It was wonderful in showing us some of the inadequacies in our preparation for an emergency. So we learned a lot and it was great, it was hands-on. Our staff was really excited to do it. Coming out of this I think that we've improved tremendously. I would love to have him come back! And I would certainly suggest this to anybody moving forward in a dental office, just to keep themselves on top of how to prepare and how to manage emergencies.

Ann Lambert, DDS Pediatric Dentist

So I thought this was really great, like “surpassed my expectations” course! A lot of these can be really boring, and not interactive and you just know you go to your BLS courses. Your PALS courses are required, but you don't really practice with your staff or the people you're actually going to be handling emergencies with.
I think this was really great to see the people you see every day, you work with every day, and see how you guys work together, with your different personalities, and getting people who are uncomfortable in certain circumstances to become comfortable doing a different position or maybe being comfortable in a position that's a better fit for their personality. So…I think it'll make us more comfortable to handle emergencies in the future and I would definitely recommend this course for any office.

Priyanka Patel, DDS Pediatric Dentist

I highly recommend it! The instructors were very informative. They went through everything. And I would say I'm more confident now. Before when we started the simulation, I literally sat down because I didn't want to be in anyone's way. Now I know what to do, and how to do things calmly and smoothly and get things done, and our patient survived!

Anna Dental Assistant

I [felt]….at the beginning I kind of [didn’t know how to]… actually start. But right now I feel like I know step by step what to do. And I feel like I have my team and everyone's ready.

Cici Practice Manager

I feel great! So the first I [felt] nervous but now I feel more confident. And I learned a lot from this experience and from the simulation. I think that it’s a thumbs up, two thumbs up!

Geisi Dental Assistant

This course, this simulation program is definitely worth it to anyone…..even though you [may] have experience in an emergency medical situation…….you will definitely benefit from it.

Lianne Assistant Practice Manager

I'm an orthodontist and I just want to say a huge thank you to the company for coming in and really working with my team to help us better prepare for emergencies in our office. It was amazing! We went through different scenarios and really had hands-on experience using our own equipment as to how to best address potential emergencies in our own practice. I wish we had booked the whole day as opposed to just a half day! But we certainly will have them back in the office because we want to be prepared for anything that happens. I highly recommend it! It was better than I had anticipated. I thought they were incredibly knowledgeable and were incredibly effective at working with our team members to kind of tweak what we could do better. [They were] super with the positive criticism on how we can be better and efficient. And this was amazing.

Kathleen Lambert, DMD Orthodontist

I thought it was an amazing course. We were really surprised to see how little we knew initially about handling an emergency although we generally thought we were very good. But this really reduced our start time trying to act upon an emergency. It made everybody in our office feel really super comfortable handling any emergency and just organizing everything for us. So upon leaving everybody in my office was so impressed and so excited that they had this training program. I would absolutely recommend it to any professional office because emergencies can happen anyplace not just necessarily in dental offices. Just all good!

Wayne Turk, DMD Pediatric Dentist

No one wants to ever have a medical emergency in their office. But having a team come directly to your office giving you personalized experiences, skills, and feedback on your preparedness in the office is a great way to make sure you and your team are fully prepared.

Samer Rashad, DDS Pediatric Dentist

I just completed the course here with the doctors. It was a fantastic experience! Of course, we learned quite a bit especially in an emergency situation. We could all certainly use pointers and I would certainly recommend this course to anyone.

Cathy Front Desk Assistant

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